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Jefferson County Youth Programs Listing

Here is a live and growing list of great programs for youth in Jefferson County!  Check out the links below.  Also, if you have a program that you would like to see listed here - just send a note to our Youth Programs Director - Doug Ross.  He can be reached by prefixing the name ‘johndouglas.ross’ in front of

This Summer Be Green!!

Volunteers are needed for help tend the Port Townsend High School garden.  Zach Gayne is looking for any happy and hearty assistance!  For more info check out this website:


Northwest Maritime Center, Port Townsend

Several new and changing activities from classes to adventures for kids can be found at:


Jefferson County Parks and Recreation

Contact: Matt Tyler

All across the county there are parks activities for youth to enjoy and participate in.  Find out what’s going on in Jefferson County at:


The Port Townsend Recyclery, Port Townsend

Contact: Nhatt Nichols

Did you know that Port Townsend has a non-profit bike shop that teaches classes on bike repair, organizes community rides, engages with our schools for safe bike practices and even sells great used bikes for both adults and kids?

Check out what they have going on at: