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Patrick Jennings

Port Townsend
Patrick Jennings
Which skills or areas of expertise are you willing to share?
Media and Publishing
In what academic subject do you or your organization have expertise?
Language Arts
I am interested in working with schools in my area
What grade level would you or your organization work best with?
Elementary School
Middle School
9th Grade Community Mentoring Program
What kind of availability do you or your organization have to offer?
Advisorship (longer term commitment)
Mentorship (coffee or lunch, shorter time commitment)
Job Shadowing
Briefly describe the program, volunteer work, or partnerships you or your organization may offer.
I can share the daily working life of an author: organizing events and presentations, emailing, scheduling, planning.
You have indicated an expertise in Media and Publishing
I have had over 20 children's books published by NYC houses, and visit schools around the country, and Skype "visit" globally. I lead a weekly young author's writing salon in Port Townsend.